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If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

What sort of books do you publish? We publish beautifully written historical novels.

Where can I buy Trifolium Books? Any good bookseller will get them in for you, if they haven't already got them in stock. You can get them on Amazon directly through this website. Under "Our Authors" click on the "more" button under each book. You can then click on the "Buy from Amazon" link. Of course, you can also buy them from Amazon, the Book Depository and  all other online retailers in the usual way.

Can I buy Trifolium Books in USA, Australia, Europe etc? Amazon will ship Trifolium Books worldwide. Unfortunately you can't see all the reviews unless you look on

Are your books available to download for e-readers? We aim to digitise our books within a few weeks of first publication, so that they will be available on Kindle.
I own a bookshop - can you supply me direct? Please contact us - it depends where you are.

Can you arrange for talks, readings and author signings? We have a programme of readings and talks for different occasions and groups, including schools - just ask.

What are your criteria for selection of manuscripts? They must be well written, historically and geographically accurate, and tell a good story which draws the reader in.

I have written a book, how do I submit my manuscript to you? We have so much work at the minute that we are not accepting any manuscripts until further notice.