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Bride of the Spear
Kathleen Herbert

"It was as if sunlight, clear stream and grey stone had shaped themselves into a girl. He had the wild thought that the Goddess herself, the Lady of the hill circles and the holy springs, had risen from the stream to his aid.

She set him down in her mind as a free-born farmer, with enough land and stock to give himself a good horse and a day's hunting from time to time."

She is Taniu, daughter of Loth of Lothian and he is Prince Owain of Rheged. Their chance encounter in a sheltered sunny hollow of the wild borderland between their two kingdoms seems out of time: an enchanted moment that could last forever and a day, but the harsh reality of Britain's Heroic Age soon reasserts itself.

"Kathleen Herbert's novels bring Britain's heroic age to vibrant life. Against a background of many small kingdoms riven by personal and political conflicts, she creates strong, convincing characters who face very human dilemmas, reflecting the social, cultural and religious values of their times. The wild and beautiful landscape of North Britain is described in glowing detail, and a touch of dry humour heightens the drama."

Carla Nayland Author, Paths of Exile

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