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Moon in Leo

People turned out of their homes; others living rich beyond the dreams of the dispossessed. Science struggling with superstition; celebrity and royalty parading in a public sexual carnival. This love story takes place among the political intrigues and religious hatred of England’s age of upheaval between civil war and ‘glorious revolution’.

Of the two men in Rosamund Halistan’s life, one is a fellow scholar of the occult, the other a wild hedonist with tragic memories. She suspects both of them of attempts on her brother’s life and designs on her body and land.

It’s harder to find a safe path through the thickets of treason and bigotry than through the rip-tides and quicksands, solid routes and sanctuary in the sands of Morecambe Bay.

Moon in Leo has been selected by Cumbria Library Service for their Reading Groups List.

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